100-340℃ Gas Heater Thermostatic Control Valve
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100-340℃ Gas Heater Thermostatic Control Valve

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Type: Home Appliance Parts
Product name:Gas thermostat
Certification:CSA,CE, ISO9001
Applicable:Gas NG/LPG/propanetane
  • SNT-600L1
  • Sinopts

Product Application

Gas combination control valve is multifunctional control with modulating thermostat. It can be used for space heaters, convector heaters, storage water heaters, boilers,catering appliances and all those appliances that require accurate temperature control. 

Main Features

1) Thermoelectric flame supervision device with restart interlock. 

2) Pressure reglator with. Direct pressure regulator class B.

3) Pilot gas rate adjuster. 

4) With inlet and outlet pressure test points

5) Max capacity can be 5.0CBM/hours. 

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