30 minutes D shaft oven stove cooker timer
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30 minutes D shaft oven stove cooker timer

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  • SNTM-3316
Shaft type:
Contact capacity:
Operating temperature range:
Operating torque:
Release torque:
Time tolerance:
Sinopts Restaurant Electric pressure cooker oven rice cooker 120 minutes timer with bell
Specifications and features
1. When the timer stops running, the system will cut off the power and stop the control system.
2. Single current system, on/off.
3, precision production makes the product's operating error is almost zero, and high temperature resistance.
4. When the prompt sounds, it means the timer stops running. (system closed)
1-180 minutes oven timer passed UL, TUV certification, suitable for kitchen appliances such as rice cooker / oven,electric steamer

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