Gas stove straight fire and rotary fire which is better?
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Gas stove straight fire and rotary fire which is better?

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           Many a lot of people will ask, gas stove straight fire and rotary fire which is better? Since there are both on the market, which one is better. Actually this problem is very simple, gas stove is not the best, only suit oneself just is the best. So you should choose according to your own needs. Usually use a pan mainly words can consider using direct fire gas stove, rotary fire words are used in any pot type.

           At present, the market gas stove can be roughly divided into direct fire and rotary fire. Due to the different design mode of fire out, the fire type of direct fire is a straight line, and the fire type of rotary fire is a whirlwind shape. It is precisely because of this difference that the performance of direct fire and rotary fire gas stove is different. So, what exactly is it about direct fire and rotary fire?

           The formation of gas stove rotary ignition and direct fire is mainly determined by the shape of the fire divider.

Straight fire: good combustion strength, fire evenly distributed, uniform secondary air ratio, as the highest flame temperature of the external flame in contact with the bottom of the pot in the form of a point, full combustion, complete heat absorption, suitable for the pan.

           Rotary fire: attached pot bottom combustion, will form a rotating fire surface rotary fire combustion area is large, relatively high thermal efficiency, fast heating, fire is more concentrated, heating surface, faster heating, combustion more complete, energy saving and gas saving, suitable for any pot type, especially pointed pot.

           Straight fire and rotary fire have advantages, direct fire fire, and spin hot efficiency is high, the bottom of the pot is heated evenly. You can choose direct fire or rotary fire gas stoves according to your cooking habits.

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