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  • Because the gas cookers equipped with accidental extinguishing protection device, this phenomenon is related to flameout protection device. After ignition, the fire has not burned to the thermocouple, if not, the fire cover may not be put well, it may be on the thermocouple hole is debris


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  • 1. Understand the safety characteristics of the gas, and operate according to the requirements of the gas equipment instructions. 2. When using gas, someone should take care of it to prevent the flame from being extinguished by the soup water or blown out by the wind. Please use the safet


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  • 1. Natural gas is a clean energy source, mainly derived from methane (CH4).2. High calorific value, generally more than 9000 kcal / cubic meter.3. High energy efficiency. The energy utilization rate of the general coal-fired power plants does not exceed 38%, while the efficiency of natural gas power


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  • Many a lot of people will ask, gas stove straight fire and rotary fire which is better? Since there are both on the market, which one is better. Actually this problem is very simple, gas stove is not the best, only suit oneself just is the best. So you should choose according to your own needs. Usua


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