How important is the flameout protection device?
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How important is the flameout protection device?

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How important is the flameout protection device?


1. The function of the flameout protection device

The flameout protection means that when the flame is accidentally extinguished by wind, soup or the like, the flameout protection device will automatically turn off the gas source, so that the gas leakage will not be caused by the gas stove.

2. Principle of flameout protection device

The principle of the flameout protection device gas stove is that when the flame is accidentally extinguished, the induction probe on the flameout protection gas stove does not sense the combustion signal, that is, the temperature, and the controller will automatically cut off the holding current to the safety valve when the controller fails to obtain the signal, resulting in The safety valve is closed, thereby shutting off the gas passage. The working principle of the gas stove flameout protection device has two types: thermoelectric type and ion sensing type.

Thermoelectric type:

It is to spread a probe near the flame to barbecue, because the temperature difference of the probe is different, and the current is generated. When the fire is extinguished, the probe cools and the circuit is powered off and the valve is automatically closed. The advantage of this kind of flameout protection device is that a set of thermocouples and solenoid valves only control one air passage, and the safety factor is high: that is, if one of them is damaged, it will not affect the normal use of the other burner, which is stable and reliable, and generally does not need external connection. power supply. The disadvantage is that it has a certain thermal inertia, so that the current output by the thermocouple can not disappear immediately with the flame extinguishing, and the reaction to the accidental flameout is slow. Generally, it takes about 5-10s to shut off the gas valve, but this leakage will not be Cause any security issues. At present, most of the brand manufacturers' stoves are selected this way.

Ion induction:

The working principle is that because the flame raises the temperature of the surrounding air, the air is ionized, and the protection circuit can be formed by the principle of conduction. The advantage of this method can quickly cut off the circuit once the flame disappears, which is a few seconds. The disadvantage is that it can only be applied to a single air passage. The air passage after the protection device can no longer be separated, otherwise it will cause malfunction and cause air leakage; therefore, if the flameout protection device is damaged, the entire stove cannot be used, and secondly, External power supply, power consumption is large, usually need to change the battery once every 2-3 months.

3. Flameout protection device inspection standard

Ignite the cooker, burn for 1 minute, adjust the flame to the minimum fire, artificially blow out the flame, you will hear the gas "sizzling" gas, and then start the timing, the knob will make a "beep" sound within 60 seconds, indicating the flameout protection The device has been started, and then the burner is detected with a leak detector. If there is no leakage, it proves that the flameout safety device is effective.


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