Instruction For Gas Pilot Assembly
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Instruction For Gas Pilot Assembly

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1.To Remove:


1.SHUT OFF GAS SUPPLY and trun gas thermostat control valve to OFF position.

2.Remove air shutter screw and slide air shutter to the right.

3.Remove main burner screw.

4.Unscrew thermocouple lead.

5.Unscrew pilot gas line.

6.Remove burner and pilot assembly from water heater.

    Pilot assembly can now be separated from main burner by removing screw.


2.To Stall

1.Attach pilot assmebly to main burner with screw,tighten securely. Pilot flame spreader should be approx.1/8'' from end and side of main burner.

2.Install assembly onto combustion tube with screw;tighten securely.

3.Secure thermocouple lead to control. This is a flexible tube and can be bent to fit. CAUTION: Do not ben this lead withing 1/2'' of either end.   Tighten finger-tight plus 1/4'' trun with wrench.

4.Firmly tighten pilot gas line to control.

5.Position air shutter and insert screw.

6.TRUN ON GAS SUPPLY and trun control to pilot position ( push button if applicable)

7.NOTE: Check all connections for leaks using gas leak detector prior to using equipment.

8.Adjust main burner per instrustions.

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