Safety use Gas cooker matters
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Safety use Gas cooker matters

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      1. Understand the safety characteristics of the gas, and operate according to the requirements of the gas equipment instructions.

      2. When using gas, someone should take care of it to prevent the flame from being extinguished by the soup water or blown out by the wind. Please use the safety cooker with automatic extinguishing protection device.

      3. Often check whether the rubber hose connecting the cooker is flattened, aging, and whether the joint is installed normally, and the hose should be used for no more than two years.

      4. Generally the service cycle of the gas stove is 8 years.

      5. In case of gas leakage, please turn off the gas main gas switch immediately, open the doors and Windows, and call and report to the gas company for repair. It is strictly prohibited to use open fire to detect leakage and open electrical switches.

      6. Check whether the gas switch is all turned off before going to bed.

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