Burner Gas Stove Gas Magnet Valve
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Burner Gas Stove Gas Magnet Valve

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  • SNM-220
Holding current:
Releasing current:

Working principle:

            When thermocouple heat, it will generate thermoelectric power, which make the magnet/solenoid valve work properly.  Specific working principle for gas appliance as follows: When you press the knob, a small fire lit by its flame heating thermocouple, thermoelectric power generation. Thermoelectric power through the wire introducing electromagnetic coil generates a magnetic field pull the magnet/solenoid valve, the gas valve opens, the combustion passage is open, maintain its normal combustion. In the event of high winds or spill soup, etc., putting out the fire, the thermocouple thermoelectric power drops quickly to zero, the coil energized, magnet/solenoid valve failure, rapid reset in spring, the valve closes the gas path, terminate gas supply to ensure safety.

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